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Yoga Mamas

Newday magazine ran an article in their October issue that stated that Soccer Moms are passe, and Yoga Mamas are hot!  What does this mean?  A new trend is forming.  This trend shows that people are becoming more interested in all things spiritual.  We're not only taking care of ourselves, we're taking care of each other.  Ayurveda is a huge part of this.  Yoga, Ayurveda and meditation are all sister sciences.  In India you wouldn't think of practicing one without the other.  The growing interest in yoga has helped us to see other ways that we can learn and grow and experience more of ourselves.  Wonderful!  To celebrate this trend I've come up with Yoga Mama gift items in the Dosha Yoga Store.  Check it out for yourself, or the Yoga Mama in your life!

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