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Double Doshas

When you are a double-dosha type, two doshas are presenting themselves strongly in your constitution. This means that you can have qualities of each of the two doshas. These qualities do not "blend" together, but rather show their influence individually, either one trait or the other will present itself at a time.

The first thing to do is to look at which dosha is dominant in each section, mind and body. You may be one dosha in mind and another in body. If this is the case, you can follow one routine when it comes to the physical and another when it comes to the mental issues. If you have both doshas in both areas, you need to use the remedies that are appropriate for that particular condition at the time.


If Vata is dominant in the body, then you are likely thin like a Vata dosha dominant person. You are also quick, humorous, and talkative, but since Pitta is present, you may be more ambitious that pure Vatas. Pitta lends some stability and strength, but also may bring a tendency toward anger. You may have a stronger digestion because of Pitta's fire, which also improves circulation.

If Pitta is dominant in the body, you'll look more like the muscular Pitta type. Vata's influence may make you a little more prone to get stressed-out, and nervous.

Read about both Vata and Pitta and see what parts apply more to your own situation.


Kapha is so strong structurally that most likely you will have a heavier physique, even if Kapha is not dominant in the body section of the test. Pitta's influence makes you more muscular than pure Kapha types, though.

If Pitta is more dominant in the mind section, you will have more drive and ambition, but that may also mean more of a tendency toward anger and criticism.

If Kapha is more dominant in the mind section, you will be more laid-back, but are more prone to laziness. You need motivation to get active.

Read about both Pitta and Kapha and see what parts apply more to your own situation.


This is a pretty rare type because Kapha and Vata seem to be opposites in so many ways.

If Vata is dominant in the body section of the test, then most likely you will be thin like a Vata, yet relaxed and kick-back like a Kapha. You can be quick like a Vata, yet procrastinate like a Kapha. Both Kaphas and Vatas dislike the cold.

If Kapha is dominant in the body, you are more solidly built, and may display Vata in your creativity and zest for life. Because of Vata's digestive sensitivity, watch your diet carefully.

Read about both Kapha and Vata and see what parts apply more to your own situation.

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